Parent's Fundraising Group

Who are we?

The Parents Fundraising Group a group of dedicated parents who volunteer their time to help the school, and raise funds to support school projects.

So far they have used money they have raised towards:

  • supporting the purchase of outdoor play equipment for the KS1 and KS2 play grounds,

  • to purchase a Christmas present for each child,

  • to help fund school trips and visits,

  • Purchasing a bike shed to keep the children's bikes safe and secure.


They are a friendly, active group who support the school by hosting activities and events to raise funds (such as fetes and Mother's Day sales). They also give their time to run coffee mornings for parents to be able to meet and chat, run tea and coffee facilities at school events, and (where they can) help the school in general.

They are always looking for volunteers to support their work. So if you are interested contact the school and we will put you in touch. Whether you wish to join them full time, or can simply offer support for a specific event, your services would be gratefully received.