KIRF (Key Instant Recall Facts)

At Captain Webb Primary we practise KIRF (Key Instant Recall Facts) daily as part of our Maths Lessons. We strongly believe that knowing these facts is a gateway to become confident mathematicians.


The aim is for children to recall these facts instantly as this will not only allow them to access the Maths Curriculum with ease, but also build their sense of number and confidence when working with number.


To help your child achieve this crucial fluency target, we ask that you help your child to complete some KIRF based activity at least four times a week as part of our reward homework scheme.


Number Songs


Doubling and Halving

Counting in 2's

Year 1

Numbers to 10

Number Bonds within 5

Numbers Bonds to 5

Number Bonds to 10


Year 2

Addition within 20

Subtraction within 20

Number Bonds to 20

x10 tables

x5 tables

Year 3

Number Bonds to 20

5 times table

10 more or less

Bonds to 20

Year 4

x6 Table

10 more or less

8 times table

Number bonds to 100

x12 Table


Year 5

Prime Numbers

Number Bonds to 100

Decimal Number Bonds

Metric Conversions

Year 6


Times tables

Number bonds and decimal number bonds

Metric Conversions