Curriculum Progression Grids

The main aim of the 2019 curriculum is to raise standards. 


The curriculum is intended to be challenging, focusing on both core subjects and foundation subjects knowledge and skills.  

The progression grids below have been developed, by subject leads, to show the year group expectations in every subject.  They help the teachers define the criteria of key skills and knowledge (based on the 2019 National Curriculum) and, when planning, helps them consider the overall Learning Objective; a focus for the objective and the resulting Success Criteria.

They also show the progression of learning as children move through the school, from Year 1 to Year 6.


Art Curriculum Progression Grid

Science Curriculum Progression Grid

Computing and E-Safety Curriculum Progression Grid

Geography Curriculum Progression Grid

Music Curriculum Progression Grid

P.E Curriculum Progression Grids

PSHE Curriculum Progression Grids

MFL Curriculum Progression Grid

History Progression Grid