Los Banditos - a Year 6 Trip

We visited Los Banditos on Monday, which is a Mexican restaurant in Lichfield. We got to try a variety of dishes including nachos, quesadillas, and burritos.

Over the next two weeks, we will be using our experience to help us cook a Mexican meal for our parents. Our meals inspired us to try new flavours and use these in our Design and Technology unit.

The burritos were so tasty; my mouth was watering!” – Alfie H

“The nachos had lots of flavours, the chicken was different to normal chicken, and it was a bit spicy, which I liked!” – Jacob

“I definitely want to make nachos for our parents because they were so delicious!” – Noah A

It felt like I was in Mexico. It was a really fun experience!” – Macy

“The flavours of the food were delicious.” – Mikolaj

“I would definitely go back there again. It was really interesting.” – Dean

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