World Book Week March 2022 - Friday


our classes have been enjoying different book themed events - so not only have they been dressing up as a character but they have been spending their day as their character might. See below for the activities your children have been doing:

Nursery, Reception and KS1 have all been enjoying a round robin book experience, based on the stories they have been doing in class.


In Reception our focus books have been The Highway Rat, Room on a Broom, Super Worm and Chicken Licken. The children enjoyed listening to each story and taking part in fun activities like decorating animal biscuits, finding super worms, making potions and creating animal hats to celebrate our love for reading. We ended the day with a Highway Rat feast and it was fun learning day for all.

Year 1

Year 1 were reading The Stick Man and Hairy McClary.

One activity was to make a split pin stick man so children could use it as a prop when listening to the Stickman story

Another was to create Hairy McClary characters using various crafting techniques.

Pupil Quotes:

“ I enjoyed cutting out the stickman and using the split pins so his legs could move.”

“ I loved the part of the story when Santa falls out of the chimney”

“I like the story because Stickman gets back to his family home.”

Year 2

The children have been reading Giraffes Can't Dance... so today they have been in the hall, dressed as tigers and giraffes to test whether this was true or not, to some good old rock'n'roll music.

In addition they have had a Tiger's Tea Party in class. The children started off by listening to the story and then decorated cakes like tigers, before eating them. They also tucked into 'orange squash' tea served by the chief Tigress herself - Miss Jenkins.

Pupil Quotes:

"I enjoyed eating the cake like the tiger in the story"

"We decorated cupcakes to make them look like tigers"

"We listened to the tiger who came to tea and then had our own tea party"

KS2 have been dressing up and spending a day at Hogwarts. The children have been moving between the lessons and sharing experiences

Year 3

Today, for Quidditch Lessons each child made their very own Golden Snitch. The Golden Snitch, often simply called the Snitch, was the third and smallest ball used in Quidditch. It was a walnut-sized gold-coloured sphere with silver wings. It flew around the Quidditch field at high speeds, sometimes pausing and hovering in place.

They enjoyed being creative and producing their own snitch.

Pupil Quotes:

This is so much fun”

“The glitter makes it look so magical.”

Potions class with Professor Longmore and Professor Ward.

We read Chapter 8 ‘The Potions Master’ of The Philosopher’s Stone and wrote our own gruesome potions. Popular ingredients were spider eye balls and goat earwax. We made potions to cure snotty noses and we even invented a super speed hair growth potion.

Pupil Quotes:

“I enjoyed including lots of disgusting ingredients.”

“It was so much fun pretending to be in a Harry Potter potion class.”

“My potion smelt like rotten eggs and out of date milk but it cured colds and coughs.”

Year 4

The children listened to an extract from Chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone “The Sorting Hat”. We then held our own ceremony in class where children were formally sorted into Hogwarts houses. The children then enjoyed creating and designing their own Hogwarts House. They came up with their own house name, chose an official animal for their house, their house also represented different characteristics which are important to them and decided on a house motto.

Pupil Quotes:

“I loved being sorted into my Hogwarts House I was Huffepuff because I am kind and hard-working.”

“I enjoyed seeing all the different teachers.”

“I liked performing the sorting hat ceremony.”

“I created my own Hogwarts House. The motto of my Hogwarts House is “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You.”

In Potions We made our own versions of Marauder’s Maps from Harry Potter using lemon juice so that they were secret. We planned all of the places we could cause mischief.

Year 5

Today Year 5 have created Blackout Poetry using pages from various Harry Potter books.

The children have also collected data about their favourite Harry Potter characters, and presented this in a bar chart.

Next they have written a list of things they would do/places they would go if they could use a Time turner so they could be in two places at one.

Finally they designed their own Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts inspired mythical creature.

Pupil Quotes:

"I really enjoyed selecting key words and phrases and using intricate designs for my black out poems".

"I enjoyed creating the bar chart, Dobby is my favourite character and seemed to be very popular in class too".

"I love the time turner activity but if I could be anywhere I’d probably chose being at home and at school."

Year 6

Today, Year 6 attended Divination and Herbology lessons at Hogwarts.

Professor Trelwany (Miss Read) taught the children the art of future reading. They learnt to read palms and make fortune tellers. Some children also had the chance to have their futures read with the tarot cards.

During their herbology lesson, children got to study some magical plants that were brought in by Professor Sprout (Miss Boddison) and design their own.

Pupil Quotes:

“I really liked making the fortune tellers because it felt like we were seeing into the future.”

“It was really fun today, it made a change from doing Maths and English. We had our fortunes told with tarot cards and learnt all about interesting plants, which we pretended were magic.”

Below is a gallery of other images from the day:

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