World Book Week March 2022 - Thursday

This week we have been celebrating 'World Book Week', because one day just wasn't enough.

Here are some photos of the children dressed up as their favourite book characters ...and a few older children in there too!!...

We had a visit from the author Linda Boddison

Linda Boddison is a retired district nurse who lives in Shropshire. She now works part-time for a local charity and enjoys writing and crafting in her spare time. She lives with John, her husband, and Bertie, a Dachshund, and has two grown-up children (one of whom is our very own Miss Boddison). Linda invented the Jeremy Stories to keep the children entertained on journeys or whilst waiting somewhere. Jeremy is a very friendly spider who helps the children understand that spiders are not scary at all!!!

If you would like to purchase a copy of her book you will find it for sale in most bookstores, or on Amazon

Unfortunately Reception and KS1 planned Book Trail had to be cancelled due to the lovely downpour, however the author Steve Lill came into school to read excerpts from his new book to the children.

The Box

Gem has found a box. What’s inside it? Only some more pieces of cardboard.

But she knows that pieces of cardboard can be whatever you want them to be.

Submarine, pirate ship, even a time machine.

All you need is imagination…

Year 2 have been retelling some of their favourite stories in class. Here are a few for you to enjoy...

In Assembly the children took part in the MASKED READER competition. The children had to guess who was behind the mask, and received bonus points if the could identify the book the excerpt was taken from.

Children who successfully answered are going to get a small prize

Take a look at the videos below to see if you can score as well as our children...

A fun filled day was enjoyed, by children and staff, and an appreciation of good stories and characters was clearly evident.

We are all now looking forward to Fridays events

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