Year 3 River Cruise (16.3.2022)

As part of our flow theme we went on a River Seven River cruise in Shrewsbury

We found out that the River Severn is 220 miles long, which is the longest river in the UK. It is actually 5 miles longer than the River Thames.

The river linked the iron and coal fields of the Midlands with the Bristol Channel and played an important role during the Industrial Revolution. It's reflected by the innovations of Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge on its banks in Shropshire and the growth of the brick and tile works at Jackfield and porcelain at Coalport.

Interesting fact: There are 5 letters in the name Welsh therefore there are 5 arches in the Welsh bridge. This is the same for the English bridge—7 letters so there are 7 arches in that bridge.

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