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Captain Webb Primary School's Parent Forum

At Captain Webb we appreciate and value open communication between our school and parents.


The goal of our Parent Forum is to ensure that the views of all parents are heard.  The aim is that parents can talk freely with their elected Forum representative and they will act as a voice to inform the school of the needs of our children and families. We feel that it is a perfect way to share ideas, views and concerns and to make suggestions for improvements.

Our Parent Forum has four broad aims which are;

  • To work together to improve the learning and welfare provided for our children.

  • To work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all parents and carers.

  • To share information, knowledge and skills.

  • To further improve communications between Parent/Carers and Staff/Governors.                                 

One parent will be elected for each class, through a democratic vote.  The vote will take place every September when each class will ask their pupils parents/carers if there are any volunteers for the role.  Where more than one volunteer puts themselves forward an anonymised vote will be held.


The Forum will report to the Governing body annually on its activities on behalf of all parents.

They will meet once every half term with Mrs Passey (Head) and Mr Harris (Parent Partnership Lead) to discuss any issues, ideas or opinions that have been raised.

Minutes and dates for each meeting will be posted on the website (below) and on Classdojo.

The school has recently been re-awarded The Leading Parent Partnership Award for the work that we do in ensuring our parents needs are met, and views/opinions are not only requested, but taken into account in our everyday school life.

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Your Class Representatives

Rec - Mrs McGee

Roy Harris.jpg

Holly Deans

Y2 - Miss Jenkins

Roy Harris.jpg

Clare Jones

Y4 - Miss Davies

Roy Harris.jpg


Y6 - Miss Read

Roy Harris.jpg

Nicola Richards

Rec - Mrs Robinson

Roy Harris.jpg

Emma Thomas

Y2 - Mrs Longmore

Roy Harris.jpg

Beverley Weston

Y4 - Mr White

Roy Harris.jpg


Y6- Miss Boddison

Roy Harris.jpg

Zena Hickman

Y1 - Mr Davies

Roy Harris.jpg

Debbie Barber

Y3 - Miss Roberts

Roy Harris.jpg

Madison Brown

Y5 - Miss Hill

Roy Harris.jpg

Fay Hall

YN - Miss Hallybone

Roy Harris.jpg


Y1 - Mr Harris

Roy Harris.jpg

Louise Kitson

Y3 - Mr Pilling

Roy Harris.jpg

Diana Zilinskene

Y5 - Mrs Weston

Roy Harris.jpg


YN - Mrs Brannon

Roy Harris.jpg


Minutes of Parent Forum Meetings

5 Meeting Minutes 21.09.22

4 Meeting Minutes 28.6.22

3 Meeting Minutes 10.5.22

2 Meeting Minutes 10.3.22

1 Meeting Minutes 25.1.22

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